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Europe 1989-91 page 2

Romford Skatepark in England.
This pool was super smooth and

The snakerun at Romford.

Eurocrew '89
Rob,Donny Myhre,Peanut,Rick Charnoski,
Jeff Kendall,Tom Groholski, Dan Tag
eatin' pizza in Germany. Pizza was the
one food that you knew would always
come through as being what you thought.

Morris Wainwright admires the 100'long halfpipe in Knebworth, England.

"Gothenburg, Sweden. Donny Myhre ollies out of the fullpipe into the bowl. To the right is me in the pipe. We heard about a skatepark in Gothenburg and decided to try to find it. We took the train overnight and when we arrived we asked a little kid with a nash board if he knew where it was. Hours later we were there. The park had a banked area and a snakerun that led to this bowled in fullpipe. The far end of the bowl had pool coping and was about 11' deep. Lots of fun and well worth the journey. I heard they dozed it a few months later." Rob 


More of Knebworth's snakerun.

"This was always our first stop when we went to Europe. Zorlac had a distribution warehouse there that was run by the infamous Abrook brothers. This park had it all, Snake run, bowls, banks and a vert ramp where they held the Shut up and Skate contest every year. I got third every year." Rob

Romford's bowled in halfpipe.

"Romford had it all. This crazy bowl would see 10 of us flying around it train style at 100mph..." Rob 

Knebworth's clover bowl was surrounded by a huge snakerun. It was out in the middle of nowhere. Herds of deer and sheep were milling around and there was a giant castle there too.

Stevenage Skatepark in England had this cool shallow to deep halfpipe a 3 leaf clover bowl with a vert wall and a metal vert ramp.

Romford's 4 leaf clover. Fun.

Harrow's skatepark in England. No flatbottom bowled in half
pipe. Lots of fun...........

Harrow's snakerun. Real smooth and fun.