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SLUG Ramp Pa. '85 **NEW**
'05 Pools *NEW*
Santa Monica Cove Skatepark 2005
Memorial Keyhole
New Upland Park
Clairmont YMCA Pool
Palm Springs Skatepark (Nude Bowl replica)
Etnies Skatepark-Skull Pool
10 Questions I Always Wanted to ask - SALBA
Pala Pipes/Pool
Kurt's Pool Las Vegas
Riverside Square
Clinton Keith Pool R.I.P.
Ontario Vans Peanut Pool R.I.P.
Groholski's ramp. '83-'84 New Brunswick, NJ.
Del Mar 1984
MFC I 1982
MFC Skaterock 1980-85
MFC II 1983
MFC III -1985-86
Leonards ramp/Clearwater, Fla. 1986-88
Stone Edge 1989
Stone Edge Pg 2 1990
Louisville Trip 2002
Hawk's Ramp 2002
TWS 20th Anniversary party 2002
Robs' band page.- BUILT TO LAST / RED TAPE
Rob's current band One X Choice
Old School Skate Jam '01
Old School Skate Jam '02
The OllieHouse
Encinitas YMCA ramp 2000
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Ocean City, Md. 1988-89
Europe 1989-91
Europe 1989-91 page 2
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McGills Wedding
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Remembering Jeff Phillips
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A growing list of all your favorite skaters from the past. If you have any info on any of the 80's skaters, please let me know.

>>"Backwards"Bernie O'dowd-living in L.A., working for an advertising agency,(he was responsible for that damn taco bell dog), still ripping. Skates Simi Valley, Vans, Santa Monica...

>>Steve Godoy lives in Long Beach, Ca and is still tattooing at Outer Limits and playing drums with his band exploding fuck dolls. Believe he is getting ready to go on tour and play drums for thr viboraters. Still ripping.

>>Art Godoy is living in Canada where he has 2 tattoo shops. Still ripping.

>>Ben Schroeder-living in L.A. still ripping.

>>Eric Nash-living in L.A. working in computers, still ripping.

>>Dave Andrecht-Working in executive sales at Syndrome-skating at Coronado and Clairmont skateparks.

>>Tom Groholski-living in Deland, Florida, working for UPS, still ripping.

>>Darren "the moose" Menditto-living in N.Y., working as a brain surgeon, still ripping.

>>Dan Tag-"The Flying Pig" is living in New Jersey and owns an art framing business. Skates FDR and the Vans park.

>>Chris Borst-living in Oceanside,Ca. Has his own surfboard company. Still ripping.

Danny Webster-former G & S pro, is now the drummer for British punk legends-Anti-Nowhere League.

>>Buck Smith-living in Jacksonville, Florida. Still skating.

>>Duane Peters-Playing in his band "US BOMBS" still ripping.

>>Tom "the rock" Boyle-living in Pa., has a vert ramp and is still ripping.

>>Rick Charnoski-now living in Ca. filming for skate videos.

>>John "tex" Gibson-living in Houston,in a band called "Sugarshack", still ripping.

>>Craig Johnson-living in Houston, creating havoc, still ripping.

>>Todd Prince-living in San Francisco, co-owner of Small Beating skateboard co., still ripping.

>>Mike Crescini-Still living in Va. Bch. Playing in Lostribe with Henry and Eddie Gutierrez, still skating.

>>Allen Midgett-Still living in Va. Bch. fishing.

>>Steve Schneer-Stephen R.Schneer, age 51, of Boise, Idaho, died Sunday, February 2, 2014 at his home in Boise.

>>Scott Stanton-living in the midwest, playing in his band-The Causey Way.

>>Donny Myhre-married and living in Tennessee. Owns a skateshop.

>>Monty Nolder-living in Gainesville, Florida. Working as a car mechanic. Still ripping.

>>Bill Danforth has a skateboard company called Bad Apple and is still ripping in Michigan.


>>Jeff Phillips-an exerpt from Rolling Stone issue 690. "Jeff spent a lot of time in his treehouse in 1993. The indoor skatepark he owned was losing money. Alison, the ethereal blonde who had been his girlfriend for 10 years, had moved out of their house to a place of her own. He was depressed for good reasons. But none of his friends would have predicted that Jeff would take a .357 Magnum and shoot himself in the head early Christmas day..."

>>Chris Robison-died in a snowboarding accident in 1998.


>>Sean Miller-died in a car accident in 1995 in Pa.

>>Blaize Blouin-died Sept. 9 1999.